Frequently asked questions
  1. What are the hardware and software requirements for the uBooks software installation?
    • Minimum Hardware Requirement:
      • 2GB RAM
      • Pentium 4 processor
      • High-speed Internet
    • Minimum Software Requirement:
      • Windows 7 operating system
      • 4.5.2 .NET framework
  2. If the internet is not working, can I still use the uBooks Software?
    • “Yes, uBooks support Hybrid solution with both Online & Offline, if internet is slow or not working user can shift to Offline mode and work”
  3. How is the uBooks software different from Other Software?
    • There are many reasons why uBooks software is a much advanced and useful software in comparison to competitors. Let us look at few of these:
    • User friendly
    • Automatic Tax Computation based on HSN Codes:
    • HSN Codes and Tax Percentage both are required to be entered manually in competitors. This means, in competitors even if you enter the HSN code, the tax percentage is not applied automatically by the system, instead the user needs to enter the tax percentage manually in competitors. This exposes the user to confusions about applying the correct tax percentage, and even higher risk of incorrect tax computation. In uBooks, user can simply choose/ select the correct HSN code depending on the good/services. The system then automatically applies the correct tax rate for the specific HSN code. And therefore, no manual intervention is enquired for tax computation in uBooks.
    • Flexibility:
    • uBooks software can be used as a standalone software by the user for inward/outward transaction recording, and invoice generation. Alternately, the user who are subscribers of enComply (the return filing and reconciliation software) can process and file their returns using uBooks and enComply.
  4. How do I transfer all my information from the older software to your uBooks software?
    • uBooks supports uploading of Masters (Customer, Supplier & Item) & Transactions (Sales & Purchase) in Excel format.
  5. Is there any limit for adding users on the uBooks software?
    • No, there are no such limits applicable
  6. Can I give the details to accountant for accounting directly from this software?
    • Currently, we do not have features related to Accounting in uBooks software. This is under development.
  7. Do I need to buy any other inventory software to maintain my inventory?
    • uBooks supports basic inventory of Sale, Purchase & Inventory Adjustment.
  8. Will this software record and save all purchases and will pick items from stock while selling?
    • Yes, uBooks software allows the user to keep track of their purchases, and at the same time the system can also identify the stock available during sales transactions
  1. Can I generate invoice without stock in the warehouse?
    • Yes, the user can generate invoice from uBooks software even if stock is not available in the warehouse
  2. Can I edit the invoice number whenever I want to?
    • No. The invoice number is auto generated by the uBooks software, and it cannot be manually edited. However, the user has the option to define the invoice number format while setting up the application
  3. Is there any limit of the older data that I can upload into the software?
    • uBooks software is used only for GST transactions. This means, no pre-GST data is stored in the application, except the masters, and opening stock for the older transactions
  4. Does this software run on windows XP and mobile?
    • The software cannot function in Windows XP. Minimum is Windows 7
  5. With this software can we file returns?
    • Yes, provided the user has already subscribed for enComply.
  6. Where can we see the stock available and stock used-up in the software?
    • User can check the available stock in manage Inventory screen and to know the used / sold stock – Go to MIS reports and select stock wise report to see all the stock In and Out data.
  7. How to mention the delivery norms on top of the Invoice (original for recipient, Duplicate for transporter, triplicate for supplier)?
    • User Doesn’t required to enter any information. whenever user clicks on preview option for printing, User can see the labels on the header part of the invoice.
  8. How to add additional charges in the invoice or purchase bill?
    • User has the provision to add additional charges in the invoice at liner level after unit price field, but in the purchase bill user should add as a separate line.
  9. How to record partial Return?
    • In the liner level user has an option to reduce the return quantity, user can enter the partial return quantity and save the record.
  10. How can I add my bank account and what would be the account type?
    • User can create a Cash / bank account under Cash and Cash Equivalents in Setup GL Accounts which is a pre-defined Head of Account.
  11. How can I see Paid / Partially paid and due invoice list?
    • User can check the status of the invoice to know whether it is paid/partially paid or due. User also has the option to filter the status and list only Paid or unpaid invoice list.
  12. Can I print additional fields in the invoice which I will add from additional field configuration?
    • Yes, User need to select Is printable Option while creating the field.